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Our Story


Blue Door Pharma is an independently-owned and operated, fully-licensed pharmaceutical distributor located in the heart of Maryland’s vibrant and expansive biotech landscape. We began as a small, independent retail pharmacy serving the Rockville, Maryland community. Over the past eleven years, our nimble, responsive approach and competitive pricing have garnered us the attention of not only some of the biggest players in the US biotech arena, but recently also federal, state and local government agencies wishing to procure PPE, disinfectants and ventilators to address the growing Covid-19 pandemic.

Our greatest asset is our size. Given our minimal overhead, we are able to set prices at margins many of our larger competitors simply cannot sustain -- and our service is unmatched.

Despite our growth, we remain true to our beginnings. Shady Grove Pharmacy continues to operate as one of the most successful independent pharmacies in Montgomery County. While big chains have lost sight of who pays their bills, we have not. We believe that people are more than a prescription, and our personal touch and attention to detail make all the difference. Living these principles is the cornerstone of our two businesses, and the foundation of our success to date.  

We simply do pharmacy better.

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